During the Regional Stakeholders Group meeting organized by the region of Ústi on 27 October 2020 the main topics discussed were the PURE COSMOS project finalisation, project outputs and results, impact on the system of work of the Regional office and support of regional companies, improvement of the communication among regional key actors active in private businesses development.

The participants were:

-  Regional office representatives, Zdeněk Hušek, Vaclav Papřok,
-  CzechInvest (MA), Hájková Alena
-  Innovation Center of the Ústi Region- Lucie Podrapska, Ondřej Klein, Petr Achs
- Regional University, Petr Hlaváček, Martin Špaček
- Economy and social council of the Ústí Region – Karel Tichý

Also the final conference of the project waswhich took place on 29.09.2020 was presented to the participants: basic information, participants, presentation of the project results in the Ústí Region.