On Tuesday, September 29th, the Final Conference of the project PURE COSMOS Project - Public authorities Role Enhancing Competitiveness of SMeS cofinanced by Interreg Europe,  took place  with great success. Under the title "One Stop Shop & digital applications for Small and Medium Enterprises: Eight Regions of Europe plan Service to Entrepreneurs”,  the   Conference gave the floor to the eight participating regions to describe the policy change and tha action plans implemented to achieve digital transformation of services offered to entrepreneurs by the public sector.
The Conference was organized by the Region of Central Macedonia, the Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s Local Authorities-ANATOLIKI S.A. and the Municipality of Genova, Lead Partner of PURE COSMOS.
The Conference was moderated  by the well-known journalist, Jennifer Baker and was initiated with the welcome speeches of the Region of Central Macedonia, the Municipality of Genova (PURE COSMOS Lead Partner), ANATOLIKI S.A. and the Interreg Europe Policy Officer.

The eight regions participating presented in two sessions their REGIONAL ACTION PLANS TO DIMINISH PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIVE BURDEN. In the first session, presentations were made by the northern European Countries participating in the project, such as Hungary, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic, while in the second session by the southern Countries such as Italy, Greece and Spain. During the presentations the moderator as well as the attendees had the opportunity to ask questions which were answered by the speakers of the respective presentations.
The event was concluded with an end discussion, summarizing good practices, lessons learnt and policy change achieved. Experts gave an overview of where PURE COSMOS stands among other Interreg Europe Project and offered a spherical view on interregional exchange during the whole project.

You can watch the full Conference here: