From distance, by using the computer only, is now possible to set up a business in Greece, in the condition that the business uses the standard statute provided by article 9 of law 4441/2016 and ministerial decision 31637/2017. The signing of the Joint Ministerial Decision, published last Friday (Government Gazette 2380), defines the mode of operation and technical specifications of One Stop Services (IMS). In this decision, the terms of operation of the Electronic One Stop Shop Service (e-YMS) are also mentioned. According to the Joint Ministerial Decision, the establishment of a company is made entirely electronically by the interested parties, using a specialized digital platform of the General Commercial Registry website ( Electronic documents, however, should also be filed with the required supporting documents provided by law. In fact, the cost of setting up an enterprise electronically is 70% lower than the classic way, ie it ranges from EUR 25 to 30 for public services ticket (depending on the form of the business).