ERDF Tuscany ROP, internationalization of SMEs: September 3 opens the new 2018 call.

Simplification and greater speed of inquiries for applications. These are the reasons for the suspension of the call for tenders, opened from 23 April 2018, for the internationalization of companies, and the simultaneous approval of a new tender in its replacement, which will open on 3 September, with the same budget, 8.5 million, of the April announcement.

Tuscany Region, with decree n. 12057 of 23 July 2018 and implementing the resolution of the Council no. 788 of 16 July 2018, which approves new criteria for selection, reward and priority for action 3.4.2 of the Regional Operational Program of the European Regional Development Fund:

  • suspends the 2018 ERDF Tuscany ROP 2014-2020 call for tenders for the internationalization of SMEs, opened from 23 April 2018, activated as part of the Giovanisì project, with effect from 1 August 2018, and
  • approves the new tender for ERDF Tuscany ROP - Giovanisì for internationalization with related attachments, (Annex A of Decree 12057 / 20'18), financed with the resources allocated to action 3.4.2 of the Por Fesr 2014-2020, which will open at 10:00 of 3 September 2018.

The 2018 Exibit Calendar (Annex B of Decree 12057/208) is also part of the competition.

 The purpose of the transaction is to incorporate the innovations recently approved by the Supervision Committee of the ERDF Tuscany ROP 2014-2020 on the preliminary investigation of the applications presented in response to the call for tenders, in particular:

  • the times of the admissibility phase of the applications are reduced further, from the current 60 days to 45 days 
  • simplification of the evaluation criteria for applications
  • uniformity of the evaluation criteria of the applications with respect to the sub-actions a) manufacturing and b) tourism of the ERDF Tuscany ROP,
  • automatism in scoring, which does not require the presence of the Technical Evaluation Committee and accelerates the instructing time.