The meeting of the Regional stakeholders group in the Ústí Region was held with participation of representatives of the City of Hradec Králové and representatives of the Technological centre of Hradec Králové, established by the City. The representatives were invited following the preliminary communication and common interest to share the knowledge on possibilities, ways and operation of the services provided to SMEś, presentation of the know-how reached by the Ústí Region in PURE_COSMOS project and discussion on the key performance indicators, to be stated in Action Plan – to transfer experience of the Technological centre of Hradec Králové.
The PURE_COSMOS project team presented the brief information on the project, project partners, project objectives, development of the Action Plan and the expected result of the operation. Hradec Králové representatives do not have experience from ER projects, and they welcome the information on good practices shared by the project partnership.
The project team described the basic data on O.S.S., Model of the O.S.S., Cards of Services, IT support and budget and the ongoing cooperation with regional stakeholders. The ways of stakeholders involvement, communication with them and among them, and especially the division of services among the regional entities became the issue of the discussion.
The representatives of Hradec Králové institutions presented the ways of support of regional businesses, which is focused on start ups, the system of work practised by the Technological centre and the results. Key performance indicators became the 2nd important issue if the discussion and the comments and recommendations of the Centre are to be involved in Action Plan.
The cooperation with schools and educational institutions was discussed and evaluated as an important activity, and the improvement of IT tools utilisation in agricultural sector as the area of big potential was agreed.
Hradec Králové invited the representatives of Ustí Region to visit the Technological Centre in Hradec Králové, also the meeting with representatives of Hradec Králové is planned, the cooperation among the partners in the future is envisaged, especially in sharing and exchange the experience in SMEś support.

Main topics discussed
•    O.S.S. – coordination and offer of services to support the regional SME´s presentation
•    Regional stakeholders contacting, communication and involvement
•    Regional Model of the O.S.S., Cards of Services, IT support, budget
•     Hradec Králové presentation – public services provision, relations with the stakeholders involved in enterprising support services providing, mutual cooperation, problems solved
•    Key performance indicators, Model of the management of the services, legal arrangements
•    PURE_COSMOS Action Plan development and expected impacts in the Ústí Region