In the morning at the ACCIÓ hall room, the presentation of the main lines of action of the One Stop Shop Plan for the next years has been presented.
Following the line collaboration with the local world and the business sector, the Government of Catalonia has proposed the third Plan of the OSS.
With the previous plans -1st plan (2011-2014) and 2nd plan (2015-2017) - actions have been carried out - as a regulation and as a promotion and improvement of new measures - with the aim of simplifying the relationships between the companies and the administrations, reducing the excess of bureaucratic burdens and procedures and ultimately facilitating economic activity, as a driver of growth and employment.
Until now, it has been possible to develop and consolidate a real transformation of the administrative relationship with companies and reduce administrative burdens.
The start-up of a business is a challenge for an enterprising person and although it is important to know all the administrative procedures that must be carried out in order to start up its activity, it is still more important, that in an agile, easy way, and from the same space, you can know all financing services, whether it’s a subvention, financial aids, loans, etc. which the administrations put at their disposal.
The new OSS 2019-2021 plan that we have set up wants to offer all these other services that should make it possible for the relationship with the administration to be fulfilled from a single communication channel.

Content of the day

Welcome and presentation of the new Action Plan of the One Stop Shop 2019-2021.
Mrs. Cristina Pruñonosa, Manager of the Business Management Office, Generalitat de Catalunya
Natàlia Cantero, OSS responsible for local administration. Business Management Office, Generalitat de Catalunya

Only once data: How do we manage forms to manage data? Transform the legal framework, technical work and the use of new technological solutions.
Introduction and moderation by Mr. Joan A. Olivares, Chief of Digital Innovation Cabinet, Deputation of Barcelona.
Mrs. Aranzazu Colom, Lawyer at the Legal Cabinet, Generalitat de Catalunya.
Mrs. Dolors Triviño, Chief of Quality and Procedures Service of the Business Management Office, Government of Catalonia.

Improvement of new services: Financing services in the Catalan OSS.
Introduction and moderation by Mr. Enric Rius, Partner director, economist and tax advisor, Rius Advisors.
Mr. Oriol Sans, Director of financing. Public agency ACCIÓ, Government of Catalonia.
Mr. Antoni Vallès, Director of business development, Catalan Finance Institute.
Mr. Josep Solà, Director of Avançsa, Government of Catalonia.

Official closure of the day 
Mrs. Marta Felip, General Secretary of the Business and Knowledge Ministry, Generalitat de Catalunya.