Co working spaces take up the Region of Central Macedonia more and more, and especially the urban centers redefining the way work is done. They become spaces for thinkers and imagineers, apart from simple coffee shops. 
Thessaloniki is a really vivant city with many students due the existence of 3 Universities. Creative spaces offer the convenience to discuss and come up with innovative ideas that wish to become start-ups.

What really makes Co-working Spaces unique is the community feeling and the diversity of people coming together in the same working place. To discuss with new people your business idea, for sure offers extroversion and more global support of your business idea-The idea becomes stronger!
Today, Co-working is the first choice of professional space for a range of professionals, such as developers, startups engineers, architects, lawyers, designers, etc. Its originality lies in working with other professionals in a common environment. This, in fact, is not a forced choice due to lack of personal space but a conscious choice with multiple benefits.
Being in a pleasant and creative place with other professionals is an opportunity to develop your professional network, find potential customers or collaborators and boost your work.
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