The “mechanism for the support of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship EcoSystem” is a structure supervised by the Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support Division and  has been launched with the aim of  monitoring the interventions of the Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3).
The peak intervention of the Mechanism is the operation of the One Stop Liaison Office, which will be located within the old building of the Region (Villa Allatini) and will act as a point of mediation between the academic community and the final beneficiaries of the Smart Specialization Strategy( SMEs).
Its mission will be to network operators. The benefits to be gained will include increasing technology transfer agreements between academia and businesses, exchanging knowledge between the research sector and the productive sector and securing a business friendly environment for SMEs.
The project  " mechanism for the support of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship EcoSystem" is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.