Understanding the need for upgrading SMEs digital skills to meet the innovation and technology future, the Region of Central Macedonia launches new actions for boosting and promoting entrepreneurship.  A new call is now open in the regional level on “Technology Vouchers for SMEs”. Having medium and small enterprises as a target group, the action aims at strengthening them in innovation and productivity improvement by financing specific actions. The total budget of the call is 3,1million   € and the application period is from today June, 4th to July, 5th 2019. The general goals of the “Technology Vouchers for SMEs” program are:
•    Development of the secondary business sector enterprises and the tourism-culture sector for importing organizational and innovative actions into their processes.
•    Support investments of ICT applications.
•    Development of e-commerce and supply chain management applications of  commercial and industrial enterprises
•    Promotion of ICT applications in social economy.
The integration of enterprises to the digital era and the innovation of the private sector are two of the main goals of the programming period 2014-2020. Furthermore, tourism and culture sector and the secondary business sector are the main economic actors in Central Macedonia Region. The new program aims at upgrading the competitiveness of SMEs in a continuously growing market.
Source:  www.espa.gr/el/Pages/ProclamationsFS.aspx