The Pilot Action involves two partners (Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki Local Authorities and Investiotionsbank of Saxony -Anhalt). The request was submitted to the JS before the end of Phase 1. After consultation with the Program and the Project Secretariat it was finally approved to implement  a Supporting Hub on Innovation in the Region of Central Macedonia, called “CeMaO-misme”.  CeMaO aims at fostering digital transformation of Businesses. Through CEMaO, an entrepreneur can gain knowledge on the first steps, before using the Regional One Stop Shop Service. Micro and small Enterprises of the Region of Central Macedonia will receive training sessions, personal counselling and mentoring. They will be supported on how to advance their digital skills and how to set up a feasible business plan till they reach microcredit. The pilot implementation is expected to run for a year, beginning this October 2019.