The two actions included in the Action Plan form the Andalusia Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development have been reviewed by the project partners owners of the good practices that have most inspired these two actions.

The action nº 1: Consolidation of the Andalusia Agrotech Digital Innovation Hub – DIH Agrotech was inspired by the good practices:

    • Tecnocampus, Pays de la Loire, visited in France, May 2019

    • Agroliving Lab, South Ostrobothnia visited in Finland, September 2019

    • Green Techlab, Limburg visited in Netherlands, October 2019

    • Clust-ER Agrifood, Emilia Romagna visited in Italy, October 2019

The Andalusia Digital Innovation Hub - DIH Agrotech is a public-private partnership aiming to create, anticipate, manage and accelerate digital innovation in the agri-food value chain. Its mission is to generate an ecosystem that provides the best conditions for a long-term success of agri-food companies, with a multi-actor, multidisciplinary, integrative, collaborative, open, innovative and global approach, and in which regional government, agri-food and ICT companies, financial institutions, agents of knowledge, talent and entrepreneurship, start-ups and civil society, mainly, actively participate.

DIH Agrotech, will be the object of the following activities to strengthen and consolidate its mission:

1. To grant legal personality to DIH Agrotech

2. To create management bodies and operational structure

3. To design a work plan

4. To design a long-term sustainability plan

5. To draw up a service charter

6. To launch a communication plan

The action nº2: Creation of a specific working group in agri-food and healthy eating sector within the framework of RIS3 Andalusia’s governance was inspired by the Forum S3 good practice, from Emilia Romagna visited in Italy, October 2019. Its participative approach has proven to be a valid tool for involving members of the quadruple helix in the design and configuration of industrial/sectoral policies. It has a horizontal governance model.

During July, August and September 2020 the Andalusia’s Action Plan draft has been reviewed by four partners (Pays de la Loire, South Ostrobothnia, Emilia-Romagna and Limburg), and also four interesting/useful online meetings (one per partner) have been celebrated with Andalusia to exchange their views according to their experience, point out information, clarify doubts and identify difficulties/weak points to be taken into consideration. Each reviewer elaborates a peer-review report with suggestions/recommendations of improvements in the end of this reviewing and learning process (October 15th), discussed/analyzed internally by Andalusia and its stakeholders in order to decide those that could be relevant to be included in the Action Plan final version.