On 17.06.2021, Fachhochschule Vorarlberg (FHV) participated in the Workshop organized in the scope of the A-RING project - the Interreg Alpine Space program.

The main project goal is to establish the basis for an effective and permanent transnational cooperation among different levels and actors, to develop shared research and innovation policies considering the Alpine Region.

The workshop brought together diverse regional stakeholders from industrial, governmental and R&I settings who discussed key topics in efficient capitalization on national and regional RIS3 policies, whereas FHV discussed the potentials of fostering renewable energy within the context of regional smart specialization strategy.

With the main goal to foster a mutual collaboration among policy-making, research and businesses, FHV led the dialogue that started by the analysis of policy scenarios for achieving renewable energy and its further uptake in particular industrial and business environments. The main result of the workshop was the identification of the key regional topics for the further promotion of the R&I agenda as well as recommendations in policy improvements for the industrial use of renewable energy sources.  

Author: Bojana Suzic, Project Manager.

Photo credits: FHV.