As part of the Interreg Europe RESINDUSTRY Project, an expert mission was held online on Tuesday 3rd May. The expert mission was delivered by 3 experts related to the interregional event held in Extremadura.
Gozo stakeholders selected the BA GLASS best practice, which has one of their biggest factories in Villafranca de los Barros (Badajoz).

The main speakers were two engineers, the Head of the Engineering and Architecture branch of the ARRAM Consulting company, the group which designed and implemented the PV installation in BA glass industry in Extremadura, and the engineer managing that project.
This company has integrated other RES projects in industries in Spain and they also presented other similar projects.
15 partcipants, amoung Gozo staff, Gozo stakeholders and speakers attended the Expert Mission. The sessions were implemented online, trying to be practical and interactive, with the use of several online polls and surveys.
Summary of Gozo Expert Mission conclusions

- Introduction to the EM, the RESINDUSTRY project, the learning process and the Policy Instrument.
- The Best sample of BA Glass factory integration with PV.
- Other samples of industrial integration of RES
- Other samples of industrial integration of RES
- Feedback on Gozo policies
- GOZO potential industrial projects for integration of RES in Industry
- GOZO potential improvements in the current policy instruments to integrate RES in Industry.
- Potential collaborative tool for providing feedback to the grant designers.