On Wednesday 1st June 2022 CTU UCEEB organised RESINDUSTRY Final Dissemination Event in cooperation with the Managing Authority - the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic (MIT).

Final event took place on the premises of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Prague.

First part of the meeting was focused on the project outputs and the results of the Phase 1. Representatives from the CTU UCEEB presented an overview of the 3 years project and final results during the meeting. There were presented key actions (steps) which will be included in the final Action Plan within the RESINDUSTRY project.

Project partners collected 68 examples of the Good Practices focusing on RES installations and its energy savings.

Key project stakeholders in the Czech Republic – companies Malfini a.s., ARBYD s.r.o. and H.R.G. spol. s.r.o. introduced their RES projects within their production processes as well as the lessons learned during the development and subsidy application.

Represented companies also proved the cooperation with the RESINDUSTRY pays itself back by getting attention on the international level by proving its “green” label. Especially the ARBYD company, represented by the director Mr Petr Mudra appreciated its cooperation with the RESINDUSTRY project on that level.

The second part of the meeting focused on the presentations about the new and old Operational programme (OPPIK and OPTAK) presented by the MIT representatives Mr Jaroslav Pavlica and Mr Miroslav Honzík. They introduced final results and numbers of the applicants in the Operational Program for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Competitiveness (OPPIK) for the 2014-2020, Investment Priority 4b; SO 3.2. The results showed the increasing number in projects in the 5th and 6th call of the Operational Program OPPIK. The RESINDUSTRY project, which aims to support the industry sector in order to increase the number of applications for subsidies for RES, has a significant share in influencing the number of applicants thanks to its dissemination activities.

Cooperation between CTU UCEEB and Ministry of Industry and Trade CZ will continue during the Phase 2 of the RESINDUSTRY project. First steps will be to organize consulting days for the future applicants for the Operational Program OPTAK. Institutions will together try to increase the number of applicants in the Czech Republic and continue to discuss and connect the relevant parties from public and private sectors.

CTU UCEEB is proud of its cooperation with the private as well as the public sectors. The stakeholders included in the RESINDUSTRY project representing the best examples of the RES usage and its self-consumption showed at this meeting as well as the managing authority representing future support to the RES sector, is the key to fulfil the goal of the project – to increase the overall installed RES capacities within the industry sector.

CTU UCEEB sees its participation within the projects and programs like Interreg Europe as key to establish inter-regional connections and share experience between companies as well as managing authorities towards the reach of greener and more energy independent Europe.