The RESINDUSTRY stakeholders from the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland, signed a significant agreement resulting in cooperation with one of the biggest players on energy market in Poland.

The EkoEnergia Polska company and Kielce University of Technology both from Kielce, Poland, whose employees are the project stakeholders, have established cooperation to promote green energy and implement new technologies in the energy industry. On Tuesday, September 28, they signed a cooperation agreement with Tauron Nowe Technologie. Their joint activities involve, among others, the implementation of RES projects in industry and conducting research and development projects.

The infrastructure and equipment of the EkoCentrum OZE (EcoRESCentre) operating at the EkoEnergia Polska company in Kielce and the measurement and research base of the Industrial Laboratory for Low-Emission and Renewable Energy Sources at the Kielce University of Technology will be used. The aim of the cooperation is also to provide students with an even better opportunity to acquire knowledge and very valuable practical skills. EkoEnergia owns a certificate that they have got relevant human resources, logistics and financial capabilities to carry out projects for Tauron worth a couple hundred thousand euros to even tens of millions euros.

The Kielce University of Technology can already boast of the only research facility of this type in Poland, which is the Laboratory of Low-Emission Electricity Sources, which is part of the CENWIS Scientific and Implementation Centre. With the use of modern equipment, scientists from the University of Technology design and build extensive energy structures based on renewable energy sources, the so-called power microgrids. The results of the work will allow companies and institutions to invest in environmentally friendly technologies and support industrial innovation. 

Author: Tomasz Gałucha, Chief Specialist

Office of the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (MOSR), Poland