The Moravian-Silesian Region is a partner of the RESOLVE project, the project involves the so-called "Local Stakeholders Group", which addressed the cities of Ostrava and Opava, both statutory cities plan to address issues such as access to the center cities to sustainable forms of transport, preventing the outflow of retailers by balancing their requirements and needs in terms of transport organization and operation, and meeting the requirements for the development of the center by a wider range of citizens. Both Ostrava and Opava want to revive the historic city center, so the development of business activities in the retail sector is crucial.

City of Opava

1) Centrum reviving

 The original plan was the installation of vertical traffic signs, to prohibit of entry of vehicles and to create systems for slowing speed. At present, plans to close the city center to cars are not a priority. The new intention is to build a new parking house near the city center.

 2) Parking

The intent is to build new Parking house (P + R) - near the main transfer terminal OPAVA EAST and the city center.

 The contract for work for Parking house realisation was signed in November 2020. The construction area is handed over to the contractor and preparatory work is underway. The construction should be completed in the autumn of 2022. Parking house in operation is planned on 09/2022.

 3) Cycling

 The intent was the extension of the network of cycle paths in Opava, share bicycle systém in cooperation with Nextbike company, Improving services in the field of bicycle maintenance, construction of parking spaces.

 After evaluation of operation in 2020, the contract with Nextbike for operation in 2021 had been signed. Based on the needs of the inhabitants, the cycling network is developing in the direction from Opava to Hradec nad Moravicí, in the section Opava - Otice the cycle path is already finished, documentation and building permits are prepared for the part from Otice to Hradec nad Moravicí. The local government assumes, that these activities will be possible to support from the EU Program 2021+.

The aim is also to improve cycling furniture.

COVID-19 somehow does not fundamentally affect the progress of the activities in Opava, perhaps the numbers of the share bicicle systém are not as high as they were expected.


City of Ostrava

1) SUMP Revision

 The evaluation of the implementation of the SUMP action plans as inputs for the revision of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the City of Ostrava was carried out, the revision of SUMP have been finished. Work on updating started, working group set up, the deadline for updating is planned on July 2021.

 2) Parking policy - P+R implementation

 “P+R standard in Ostrava” document is done, the list of suitable places for P+R. is finished.

New P+R “Hlučínská” with 135 parking places is finished, construction is completed. Cooperative negotiations between the supplier, DPO, KODIS and The Bank institution are underway, with the aim of tuning information systems enabling the provision of a discount on parking fees for the subsequent use of public transport.

 Both the New P+R “Hlubina” with 330 parking places and the Extension of existing P+R “Hranečník” from 80 to 173 parking places have been stopped, due to new priority influenced by covid.

 3) EV charging network

 A decision was made on the most appropriate way to build and operate a pilot charging infrastructure in Ostrava, and negotiations were held with all relevant entities and partners. The tender for the investor of the network of charging stations in Ostrava, resp. landlord of the land for the implementation of the charging infrastructure is finished, the actual implementation is planned for 2021.

 Feasibility studies have been submited by all interested parties who were evaluated for cooperation. The studies will be assessed, documents will be prepared, notices of the intention to lease land (plans) will be posted, on the basis of which the necessary contractual relations for the construction of charging infrastructure on the city's land will be concluded. At the same time, at the request of investors and in their cooperation, the city will take steps to ensure changes in the organization of static transport, ie the reservation of parking spaces for eMobility.

 4) Small cyclo infrastructure / Permanent financial instrument for sustainable transport

At 270 locations in the city, new places have been built for 900 shared bikes and for other bikes, the financial instrument - Integrated Territorial Investment of the Ostrava Agglomeration - is preparing to announce a call for bicycle storage at transfer terminals and stops (ERDF funds from IROP).

 To Enhance conditions for bike commuters to work (bicycle storage, changing room, showers, bike racks) in the “New Townhall building” had been planned, but this activity have been stopped due to covid.