A conference “Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in Slovenia” took place on 29th of June 2017 in Ljubljana. It was organized by Partnership for green economy Slovenia in cooperation with Institute for development of Social Responsibility (IRDO), Network for Social Responsibility of Slovenia and partner organizations.

Who should be interested in CSR?

Companies. They can benefit in areas of risk management and can improve access to capital, relationships with clients and make the most out of human resources.

Economy. CSR makes companies sustainable and more innovative.

Society. CSR is the foundation for sustainable development.


Tadej Slapnik, secretary of state, commented, that Slovenia needs a professional perspective and vision for CSR; he also emphasized the importance of the intersectoral collaboration.

After the introduction of EU’s views on CSR and the current state in Slovenia, the governmental views on development of CSR were presented, followed by experiences of non-profit organizations, local communities, professionals and industry. 

Sonja Šmuc, the executive director of Manager Association Slovenia, thinks that a strategy is especially a support tool for companies in improving everyday processes. She feels that the government should impose clear rules but also encourage good CSR practices with different incentives to reward the effort.

In accordance with the Europe 2020 strategy, each member state should prepare a national strategy for corporate social responsibility (CSR). Slovenia is already late but the progress has been made and the government estimates that by the end of the year, a National strategy on CSR in Slovenia could be prepared.