In the first part Michaela Novotná welcomed all participants and shortly introduced continuing project Road CSR, its achievements the impact of COVID-19 in the sustainability priorities of SMEs.

After that actual trend in corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues were tacked by Mr. Kotoun. He also emphasized the introduction of ESG trends and legislation of the upcoming new European directive. 

Societal challenges are seen as trends that are difficult to influence, threaten people’s quality of life, but can also be opportunities to improve it. Societal challenges cannot be addressed by one isolated measure but must be addressed by multiple actors working towards a common goal, responding flexibly and coordinating their activities. This is the mission-oriented approach. Therefore, responding to key societal challenges and megatrends in the form of missions is part of the priorities of the 2021-2027 National RIS3 Strategy. The RIS3-relevant mission themes are part of the sectoral and technological themes prioritised by the National RIS3 Strategy.

The Circularity is one of sub-areas of the mission to Improve the material, energy and emissions efficiency of the economy. 

After that followed the presentation of the National Awards of the Czech Republic, Regional Authority Award for social responsibility of organizations in South Bohemia Region and the introduction on how far is the Czech Republic on the road to the SDGs.

The regional thematic seminar ended with a discussion of stakeholders. Discussing issues: the current status of CSR in the Czech Republic & in the South Bohemian Region. 

How to motivate a CSR progress by the voluntary adhesion of companies and governments and how to structure resilient companies and economies reversing the impacts of pandemic and how this are transformed to improvements in the Policy Instruments.