Founded in 2016, CSR Cyprus is an independent, non-profit business-led membership organisation aiming to promote the concepts of corporate social responsibility and sustainability to Cypriot businesses and organisations. Today, CSR Cyprus has 28 full members in a variety of sectors – basic industries, utilities and oil, automotive, transport and logistics, consulting, retail, financial and insurance, telecommunication services, consumer goods and services, food and beverages, professional services, pharmaceuticals, shipping and education and research.

 CSR Cyprus aspires to be the focal point for CSR in Cyprus by providing its members with information about the recent developments in European and international level, promoting members’ activities through its communication channels, creating networking and collaboration opportunities among its members to implement common activities, participating in research projects and representing its members in the public dialogue for CSR and sustainability.

 Some of its activities are the following:
• Skills and competence building 
• Stakeholder engagement
• Communicating CSR
• Mainstreaming CSR (CSR management and reporting)
• Sustainable supply chain
• Healthy lifestyles
• Job creation and youth employment
• Sustainable production and consumption (e.g. circular economy)

 Also, CSR Cyprus provides its members with the opportunity to participate jointly with other businesses and organizations in the design and implementation of relevant CSR programs, thus maximizing the positive impact of joint actions. As well as national partner of CSR Europe, has the potential of consultation with the European institutions on CSR issues.

 A recent activity of CSR Cyprus is the organization of number of training sessions on Corporate Social Responsibility to be held between November 2017- February 2018. The workshops are aimed at helping every business, regardless of size and field of activity, to better understand the notion of responsible entrepreneurship and how it can be implemented. The following training workshops are planned:
• Management and disclosure of non-financial information through an annual progress report
• Linking Strategies, Policies and Responsible Entrepreneurship Actions to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
• Collaboration and Partnership with stakeholders and wider stakeholders
• Employee involvement and commitment to sustainable development

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