Several associations representing trade and self-governing activities have come together to demand a boost to trade in the rural world. A formula that they consider key to combate depopulation. Nowadays, they assure that the proximity trade and the street sale have the role of nexus with agricultural production, according to a statement published by the Europa Press news agency. 

It is an economic engine, they claim, and it offers a public service, and therefore it must have a clear institutional support in addressing the policy of the demographic challenge. 

A widespread view among the associations that have join together to demand improvements in the sector. These are Organizations for the Street  Sale of Spain, the Coordinator of Farmers and Livestock Organizations, the Intersectoral Confederation of Self-employed Persons of the Spanish State, the General Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and the Union of Self-employed Persons UATAE. 

Tax and administrative advantages 

Some of the measures that have been taken to boost trade in rural areas are supported by the construction of marketing and distribution networks between proximity trade, farmers and consumers, as well as permanent measures and fiscal and administrative advantages to promote the presence of such trade in the villages. 

It has also been emphasized that trade should be supported with a coordinated political commitment from all administrations, as this would mean "opening opportunities for development" and attracting more entrepreneurship and commercial activity in rural areas, which would finally result in an increase in population. 

"The de-escalation has led to a reopening of commercial activity in rural areas at a more agile rate than in medium-sized municipalities, cities and urban and metropolitan areas, but the problems that were already present on these towns are still there," they pointed out. 

Indeed, the coronavirus crisis is changing the mindset of consumers, who see more secure to consume local products and to move away from large commercial areas.