The third Interregional policy learning meeting of the STOB regions project took place on 13th and 14th of December 2017 in Kraków (Malopolska Region), Poland.

The first day was dedicated to introducing the participants to the focus of the workshop: Advisory services for the whole transfer process. The aim of the workshop was to increase inter regional learning on advisory services which are target-orientated towards the successful transfer of specific business, and for the partners to exchange their own experiences with funding various advisory services in order to develop recommendations.

The second day was the Malopolska region peer review. After the presentations by local stakeholders, the group made a SWOT analysis of the situation in the region , an intense discussion followed regarding the different challenges and strengths in the region. The key strengths identified for the Małopolska region and its business transfer situation include the ease of accessibility and implementation of the innovation vouchers and the online succession guide service. However, a key weakness revolves around the lack of continued business education and training, which also provides a source of opportunity if policy is developed effectively.

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