On the 29th October 2019, Business Development Centre Vaeksthus Southern Denmark (PP3) held a mini conference at Trinity in South Denmark. The conference focused on the Regional Action Plan with participation from the STOB Stakeholder group, representatives from the policy makers in Denmark as well as other specialists.
At the conference the current project status update was offered in conjunction  with a presentation of the main actions comprising the regional action plan.

 The workshop conducted at the conference highlighted very constructive criticism and relevant input for improvement of  the Action Plan in its subsequent iteration. Also specific inputs towards the design, structure and concept was provided. Among the input was qualified recommendations statements to 1) the number of sessions (outputs) relevant to each action and 2) a centralized platform for all information etc. Also, the “practical” end of the action plan with implementation in the region was discussed with qualified input based on practical experience.
In continuation, the conference and workshop provided valuable regionally relevant recommendations to the finalization of the Action Plan.