The three day event began with the project partners getting to know each other and to align the project's cooperative approach. The afternoon was reserved for a study visit to highlight a best practice example of business transfer within a family.    

Day two was comprised of the project's first thematic workshop "sensitization and raising awareness of chances and barriers for a transfer / psychology of company succession". After a high level introduction and two thematic lectures, the project partners prepared a short contribution of the topic from their regional perspective. An interactive workshop was then conducted in smaller groups with moderation from the advisory partner.

A peer review on the final day began with a a panel discussion comprising of various regional representatives, which highlighted unique points of view and personal experiences revolving around the topic. With this shared learning fresh in the minds of the project partners, a SWOT analysis for Brandenburg was completed, with emphasis of overcoming the challenges of business transfer and initiatives and tools to address some of the regional weaknesses.

The first inter regional workshop was a monumental success and provided a strong foundation to deepen the cooperation and learning exchange for STOB regions stakeholders. 

For further information on the first STOB regions workshop event click here.