The European Committee of the Regions is currently designing the programme for this year's EU Regions Week and opened an online consultation to allow partners, contributors, partners and stakeholders the chance to vote on their preferred sessions.

Over 200 proposals have been submitted and voting is now open between 16th-27th April. STOB regions has submitted the following proposal :

Ideation Workshop for Business Succession in Europe
Participants in this session will work interactively on various topics dealing with business transfer in Europe. They will get a general overview of the most common issues regarding business succession and transfer. A brief introduction to the current stage of academic research and an insight in the progress of the INTERREG EUROPE project “STOB regions” will also be given.

Should you be interested in the topic and plan to attend the event, vote for STOB Regions, by simply clicking here, navigate to the Thematic Cluster: Territorial development: regional, urban, rural, and select Ideation Workshop for Business Succession in Europe.

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