In the beautiful surroundings of the second generation owned company Dvor Jezeršek, STOB regions Slovenia Partner, BSC Kranj, attended the Gorenjska Region's Day of family Businesses.

During the event the newly opened Center for family business was presented, of which is set to become the center for micro and small companies for knowledge and information services (processes, development, succession, events, legislation changes). A motivational workshop exploring the key topic of communication in family businesses kicked off proceedings.

A round table discussion followed which included the hosting company Jezeršek Ltd. (catering, hotel, restaurant) where four brothers who took over the company exchanged their own experiences of the process. Lotrič metrology Ltd., currently in the process of ownership transfer and have already signed a Family Constitution. Manufacturing company Shuttering Medle Ltd., a unique story in which two brothers divided the family business into two separate entities, but are presented in the market as one and share promotion, branding and R&D functions. However, the companies are financially separated due to the brothers' character differences, nonetheless both entities are financially successful.

Takeaway messages from the event:
“You need to know how to be brutally honest, you need to know to fight between family members, but you need to know also how to forgive and leave your ego aside for bigger picture – benefits of the company.” Jure Jezeršek, Company Jezeršek Ltd.
“In the process of succession you need some external experts – someone that each family can trust and talk to him/her openly.” Marko Lotrič, Lotrič Metrology Ltd.

Every family, every business is unique. There is no secret recipe how to do the succession right way. You need to talk and give it enough time to successfully finish the process.” Robert Medle, Shuttering Medle Ltd.
During the event, BSC Kranj presented STOB Regions and their pilot project in which we will help 5 to 10 SMEs to formulate their succession plan through a combination of individual and group counselling.