STOB regions' Project Partner Ilfov County Council, organized the 8th regional stakeholder group meeting on 21st December 2018 in Bucharest, Romania. In attendance were representatives from Bucharest Metropolitan Area, Ilfov Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inceptional and LAG Cociovalistea.

In the opening of the meeting the stakeholders were presented an evaluation from the Interregional Policy Learning event in Seville, with the thematic of business transfer in rural areas. First topic of discussions was about good practice examples identified during this meeting, stakeholders expressing the interest to obtain presentations and outputs from this event, but also from all the previous Interregional Policy Learning events.

The second on the agenda was informing the stakeholder group about on their importance in drafting the Action Plan, their contribution to identify good practice examples within current programs and projects and to check the feasibility in proposing policy changes for a better impact on succession and business transfer approach in the next financing period.

The regional stakeholder group meeting ended with the presentation of the last two events which will take place in the 5th semester and their thematic.

The official website of project partner Ilfov County Council can be found here.