The regional stakeholder group meeting of STOB regions' project partner Erhvervshus Syddanmark was held on 20th February 2019. The meeting covered  3 important issues:
A summarisation of the last STOB work shop in Seville, Andalusia in December 2018. The work shop covered the thematic “Business Transfer in Rural Areas” with a number of local expert speakers. From the output of the workshop the Danish region did pick up some good experience and knowledge. As an example on the focus on family business, to understand the tradition and early preparation is of importance for transfers in rural areas.

Second on the agenda, and due to the fact that a change in the organization of Danish regional business services has occurred in recent months. The main change is that the former “Vaeksthus Syddanmark” are now structurally divided into two new “Erhvervshuse” (Business houses). One loacted on the Island of Fyn (EHF) and one in South Jylland (EHS). The STOB project is located in EHS but still covers the region of South Denmark. As a result of the changes two members of the stakeholder group are required to leave, and thus a new stakeholder should be elected. In the future representatives from EHF will participate in the stakeholder group.

The upcoming regional workshop and the preparation of the regional STOB Action Plan was discussed and planned. On the 6th May 2019 a workshop with participation of stakeholders and local influencers is planned to take place.  The preparation of the workshop with selection of Good Practices to disseminate and analyze for regional transfer is important and was discussed iwithin the group.