In the context of the additional activities foreseen by the participation in the 5th call by the TANIA partners, the second Policy Clinic was held on 14th April 2022 (the first one took place on 17th December), a meeting to present the new policy improvement regarding the Region of Tuscany and the novelties related to the Fact-Finding mission of TANIA.

ASEV, together with the Region of Tuscany (PP08) and the local stakeholders representing the signatories of the Memorandum of Understanding (the Region's Department for the Environment and Economic Development; ARPAT - Regional Agency for Environmental Protection; and ISPRA - Higher Institute for Environmental Protection of the National Ministry) closely collaborated to modify certain regulations on testing and experimentation activities in the field of environmental remediation.

Going even further into the specifics of what was carried out, in December 2021, the MoU was extended by two years until December 2023 in order to pursue further results. In this context, the additional activities of TANIA led to a new improvement within the framework of the Protocol. The Technical Group established under the MoU worked together to bring about a specific regional resolution regulating tests and experiments in the field of environmental remediation. This resolution offers simplified procedures, with less documentation to be produced, no financial guarantee requirements, and fewer controls. The new Resolution became operational in March 2022.

The new improvement is a direct consequence of the TANIA Action Plan and the results achieved with Action 2. The new interest generated by the financing of TANIA's additional activities has been valuable in encouraging the political attention needed to bring about this change.

As a result of this improvement, a TANIA policy clinic web event was organised on 14 April 2022 for all interested partners to achieve this result. The result was also shared with other Italian regions by ISPRA (the national body of the Ministry of the Environment), attracting wide interest.