Ecomondo is the most important event in Europe on technological and industrial innovation in the circular economy.

The topics addressed during this year's meetings (from 5 to 8 November 2019) concern the entire circular economy chain, from product ecodesign to waste recovery and recovery, transport, reclamation and redevelopment of contaminated areas, promoting international networking and the growth of companies in markets around the world.

In this context, ASEV (P1) attended the event and presented the protocol of understanding signed with the Region of Tuscany (P8), the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) (LINK) and the Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Tuscany (ARPAT) aimed at creating a pilot regional laboratory for the study of the preconditions for testing innovative solutions in the field of environmental remediation of contaminated soils, water and sediments.

The idea of creating such a laboratory is part of the implementation of the Tuscan Regional Action Plan that will characterize the last two years of the TANIA project from January 2020 and in particular, is part of the ACTION 2 - Remediation 4.0 - Setting up of a regional “open” pilot laboratory for the experimental treatment of contaminated soils and sediments through innovative environmental remediation techniques.

The opportunity to establish the Laboratory was born during the first three years of the TANIA project: The Region of Tuscany has identified and deepened two successful experiences (best practices) and of potential interest in France and Finland where with different times, objectives and methods the needs of rehabilitation of polluted sites, verification and testing of innovative solutions, collaboration and comparison between research and local business system have led to the creation of two public-private open-air laboratories in which innovative solutions of environmental remediation on polluted soils and sediments are tested and validated under real conditions: the GISFI laboratory in the Lorraine Region and the SOILIA laboratory in the Päijät-Häme Region.

The creation of a regional Tuscan Pilot Laboratory entirely dedicated to the testing, verification and demonstration of innovative technological solutions for the environmental remediation of water, sediment and land under the control of those same institutions responsible for environmental protection is an effective strategy for the development of a new field of applied research and business with enormous economic potential and benefits for the territory.

The presentation made during the meeting can be downloaded here.

The agenda of the meeting can be consulted by clicking here.