ADRAVE the Regional Development Agency of Vale do Ave, the Portuguese partner in UpGradeSME project met start-ups and the representatives of the agro food sector and worked with them in small groups during the following meetings:

January 13, 2017 – B2B Meeting Portugal Foods

  • Relevance of the internationalization of companies in the agro food sector
  • Difficulties and opportunities of these companies in internationalization

February 07, 2017 – Meeting between local Stakeholder Famalicão Made IN and Start-up companies

  • Opportunities to support the internationalization of companies
  • Useful policy tools for preparing for internationalization

February 02, 2017 – Conference Portugal Foods | 10 TOP Trends International 

  • They presented the ten concepts underlying the trends for the agro food sector in 2017, the impact of which will be felt in industries, markets and consumers at an international level.

February 21, 2017 – Meeting between local Stakeholder Famalicão Made IN and SMEs

  • New opportunities / New markets
  • Internationalization as a growth factor for companies
  • Public policies of internationalization support

ADRAVE could ensure by this way the quadruple helix model into action - local and regional government, entrepreneurship/economy field, academic field and civil society.