Fomento San Sebastian (FSS) is working in continuous cooperation with the small and medium sized enterprises of the region. It is important to highlight that the organization has developed a new working line with the participation of SMEs in the European Call SME instrument that allows SMEs to internationalize through technology and therefore, FSS is designing and developing a whole programme to cover this specialized training and accompanying programme for SMEs. The feedback FSS is receiving from its companies is very positive

Different local stakeholder interactions have been organized between September 2017 and March 2018 in San Sebastian at different levels: bilateral and with multiple agent as well in order to receive feedback abput the Policies that Fomento San Sebastian is launching regarding Internationalization and its SME instrument policy in order to better adapt DONOSTI UP, the annual framework programme and Economic stimulus plan 2018.

Fomento de San Sebastián has been able to create and consolidate a “mixed contrast group” conformed by members from RTD, SMEs, start-ups, education stakeholders related to the fields of Innovation and Talent, in which this project is particularly relevant. This is a “live” group that is being constantly increased. It is essential for city of San Sebastian to have that core in order to make our Programmes progress.

During the exciting event series of WEEKINN Fomento San Sebastian held a work shop with the title ‘EL SALTO A EUROPA’ on the 23rd October 2017 for 25 participant where the different tools that a SMEs or start-ups can benefit from within the International Framework.

During March 2018 the local small and medium sized enterprises could participate the work shop of the SME instrument with the title INSTRUMENTO PYME, CLAVES PARA PRESENTAR UN PROYECTO.W The attendees could learn about the benefits and activities of UPGRADESME and how the project is embedded in the instruments Fomento San Sebastian is developing within the INNOVATION and INTERNATIONAL strategy for SMEs. One of these tools is SME instrument , that allows Start-ups to broaden their horizons in terms of technology and market.