Fomento San Sebastian launches new online webinars to foster the city´s companies internationalization and access to different funding programmes  San Sebastian, July 2020 

Fomento San Sebastian, as the Economic Development and Innovation Agency of the city, is one of the public institutions that must directly act to overcome the crisis generated by the Covid-19 virus. 

Companies, Research Centres, Entrepreneurs, local commerces, but also the citizens have been directly affected by this crisis, and Fomento San Sebastian has designed and launched an Economic Recovery Plan to try to help mitigate the effects of this situation. 

In this context, companies have suffered an almost unprecedented situation of paralysis, leading to massive unemployment rates and an all-time shutdown of activity. One of the key missions for Fomento in this context has been to give and make available a diverse gamma of tools to help in different fields, and one of them has been the set up and launch of a daily webinar programme adressing different issues. 

External funding access, from EU, national or regional funding can make a crucial difference for companies, and that is why Fomento organized different webinars on topics such as the next EIC Accelerator calls, or national calls such as NEOTEC or CERVERA programmes. Those webinars were complemented by the option of asking for a personal free mentoring (up to two hours covered by Fomento) with the specialists that were presenting and explaining those calls and how to present successfull projects. 

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