As part of the activities to be carried out within the Interreg Europe VIOLET project under the 5th call, four Interregional Exchange Workshops were held on 1-2 June 2022 in Seville, Spain.

During the first day of the two-part event, the VIOLET Community of Practice (CoP) members and stakeholders of the Andalusia region in Spain joined the consortium to showcase studies and Good Practices in the field energy renovations of historical heritage buildings — including the renovation of the Santa Ana Church in Carmona by architect Carrascal y Fernández de la Puente.

The VIOLET Interregional Exchange event was divided into three segments focused on research, projects and visits. During the “Research” segment of the event, two interventions were presented (10-minute each) by researchers from the University of Seville. Relevant topics and articles on the project's subject will be exposed, such as, energy upgrade in traditional dwellings in the historic centre of Seville and indoor air quality in COVID times.

Next, the “Project” programme of the event was divided in two further components: strategic and built projects. During the presentation of strategic ongoing projects in the field of energy renovations of historical buildings, the “Master Plan for the Historical Heritage of Seville” was highlighted, followed by an insightful discussion and Q&A session. During the “Built Projects” session, three historic buildings renovation projects were explained in detail. In each case, energy efficiency, indoor climate conditions and environmental control measures have been considered Specifically, these projects were:

• Renovation of the Sta Ana Church in Carmona – Architect: Carrascal y Fernández de la Puente

• Renovation of a private Casa Palacio in historic centre of Seville – Architect: Ricardo Alario

• Renovation of Ayuntamiento de Monachil – Architect Francisco Reina

The session consisted of insightful presentations by experts involved in different phases of the three projects in the spotlight: Design and Renovation, Energy Efficiency and System and Public Administration.

The second day of the Interregional Event and partner meeting, partners received an insightful site visit to the historic crypt and new facilities at the Royal Alcázars of Seville, guided by Francisco Reina, architect of the energy renovations conducted there.

The international consortium then took advantage of meeting in person to discuss their policy achievements, breaking into pairs to highlight good practices in policy. They participated in lively bilateral exchanges to discuss challenges and similarities, possible solutions to be shared and best ways to highlight the results achieved.