WINPOL has been invited to contribute to the final event of the European project Waste4Think which will take place on 8 October 2019 in Bilbao.

After three years of execution, the H2020 Waste4Think project will be presenting its results and lessons learnt. The project aimed to design solutions based on the use of information and communication technologies that would enable the improvement of all waste management stages, adopting a global approach and particularly focusing on citizen participation in order to build more sustainable, eco-friendly cities.

In addition to the tools developed by the project team, the final event will shed light on other projects focusing on waste and circular economy, including WINPOL. For this occasion, a poster detailing the objectives and planned activities of WINPOL has been prepared by ACR+. You can download the poster here.

You can register online for the final event of the Waste4Think project.