WINPOL achieved an important milestone with the preparation of six Action Plans specifying the steps that will be taken by partners to improve their waste policies. Building on the Good Practices identified by the project for over two and a half years during the interregional learning phase, the Action Plans foresee the implementation of actions as diverse as tackling marine litter, acquiring new equipment for the civic amenity sites, implementing or supporting a pay-as-you-throw scheme, developing mobile apps to improve services to citizens or installing underground waste containers…

The partners will now not only carry out the different actions included in the Action Plans but also monitor their implementation and results with the support of various local stakeholders. During the two upcoming years, partners will ensure that the lessons learnt from the cooperation happen and that the Action Plans lead to policy changes.

Discover all the promising changes encompassed in the 6 Action Plans in the summary offered by the project’s second leaflet or by clicking on one of the territories below.

You can also browse directly the Action Plans by selecting the one of your interest: