Discover 14 examples of “Use of data and technologies to optimise systems” and 12 “Innovative models” of waste management thanks to the WINPOL Good Practices Guide.

This publication summarises two and half intense years of experience and knowledge sharing between the 9 WINPOL partners to improve their waste management strategies by fostering the use of intelligent equipment and related practices.

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The 26 practices are separated into two categories - “Use of data and technologies to optimise systems” and “Innovative models” - and can be explored either by geographical location or by the theme(s) associated to it. These themes cover topics as varied as feedback to citizens, civic amenity sites, fly-tipping clearance, eco-event, monitoring and decision making, etc.

"Sometimes, a good old carton box (as used in Styria to boost reuse of small items) works wonders and might even achieve better results than an app!" commented Francesco Lembo, Managing Director of ACR+.

While technologies and innovation offer excellent opportunities, the degree of introduction of innovative equipment and practices varies significantly from one territory to another. The WINPOL Good Practices Guide contributes to fill this gap. It is a practical tool for cities and regions looking for new and concrete approaches to minimise waste generation and reach resource efficiency. In an even more interesting way, those practices also highlight that innovation does not always have to rhyme with ICT or big data.

The Good Practices included in the Guide are also available online, as part of the Interreg Europe Good Practices database.

Example of Good Practice

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