Maribor's Action Plan is on its way to being realised... Follow its implementation here:

The municipality of Maribor will bring changes to its decree on municipal waste management and its waste management strategy to implement two actions linked to waste collection. The first action is complementary to a new way of calculation of mixed municipal waste and biowaste using a "Pay-as-you-Throw" system.

Discover these two actions in the Action Plan Maribor.

Action 1: Development of an underground waste collection system

The municipality of Maribor will set up a new underground waste collection system to serve 2,640 inhabitants, thanks to the installation of 19 potential collection points in the city centre, each equipped with 6 units. Implementations will take place in accordance with the renovation strategy to guarantee a good integration of the points in the urban landscape.

The containers for mixed municipal waste (60 L) and biowaste (40 L) will be equipped with a card system. The cards will be distributed to the users in order to be able to open these containers. The system will work with a system of cards allowing to open the mixed municipal waste (60 L) and biowaste (40 L) containers, that will be distributed to the users.

Implementation timeframe: 2020 -2021
The implementation will follow the renovation strategy of individual districts of the city centre. The first underground collection point was installed as part of the renovation of the Main Square in September 2020. Another location is planned to be equipped in spring 2021. Until the autumn 2021, 7 more locations should be installed, by the river Drava (3) and Gregorčičeva street (4).

Estimated costs:

  • Underground containers (financed by the Municipality of Maribor): EUR 869,421.00
  • Software (financed by SNAGA): EUR 8,500.00
  • Maintenance (financed by SNAGA): EUR 7,284.00 per year
  • User cards for 1,500 households (financed by SNAGA): EUR 4,800.00
  • Special collection vehicle (financed by SNAGA): EUR 300,000.00

Inspired by: The study visits organised in Gijón (ES), Imola (IT) and Antwerp and Ghent (BE).

Action 2: Installation of small mobile civic amenity sites in pedestrian zone

Inhabitants of Maribor’s pedestrian zone, where no cars are allowed, will benefit from a new waste collection service. Thanks to a pop-up container they will have the possibility to dispose the waste close to their home, as otherwise they would have to bring it to civic amenity sites. In other words, it is the civic amenity site that will be brough to people. The disposal of waste can be done on foot or by bicycle, with a limit of 2m3 per users. It will be possible to dispose small bulky waste, waste of electrical and electronic equipment, textiles and books. The pop-up container is foreseen to be organised on an annual basis, on Saturday between 8 AM and 4 PM.  As a part of the event, SNAGA will organise reuse campaign (e.g. donation or exchange of items).

This action will not only have an impact by improving users’ experience but also by reducing emissions.

Implementation timeframe: the first pop-up container will be organised in 2021. If it proves to be successful, more locations will be added.

Estimated costs:

EUR 6,196 for a one-day event, covering:

  • Staff: EUR 550
  • Material (tent, boxes, 20 m3 container): EUR 4,850
  • Vehicles: EUR 570
  • Waste processing after collection: EUR 226 per tonne

Inspired by: Pop-up civic amenity sites (BE)

More details in the Action Plan Maribor.