Where do the Action Plans stand two years after the beginning of their implementation? EMULSA answers to our questions for the changes WINPOL brought in Gijón thanks to the Action Plan developed.

In very short, what is your Action Plan about?

Our Action Plans actually includes three Actions:

  1. PAYT /KAYT pilot project, developed thanks to WINPOL has been built and analysed in a city with collective bins in the street.
  2. The separate collection of vegetable waste from mowing and pruning has been a success. As the results of the pilot project are satisfactory this collection will be extended to other areas of the municipality as soon as the municipal/EMULSA budget provides funds for it.
  3. The implementation and development of the use of a compactor roller for CAS is expected to reduce the number of trips from the CAS to the treatment centre, as well as an improvement in the availability and capacity of the civic amenity sites for users.

Where do you stand now in the implementation of your Action Plan?

The three measures are already developed but we are waiting to receive the compactor roller related to Action 3. It has already been bidded but the reception is delayed due to the global situation.

Do you already have some first evaluation of the success of the different Actions?

Regarding action 1: we have a final report for the PAYT pilot project, with relevant data regarding typologies and amount generated by the different households. Thanks to the study we could design a methodological system for a possible system of distinctive rates depending on household generation of waste.

We also have data and characterization related to Action 2. In addition, we have a final report with a very, very positive result. We are really satisfied.

Regarding Action 3, we have no data or evidence so far, just estimations.

How did the participating families and local population in general reacted?

Regarding Action 1, it has been quite successful. More than 700 families have taken part in the experience. The most optimistic initial number of people that may participate was greatly exceeded.
Regarding Action 2, many service requests have been received, both from the citizens and also from the policy makers’ side.

What were the biggest challenges in implementing it?

Action 1 was just a pilot experience but the most difficult part when becoming a real project could be the individual billing, the citizen awareness, and the later control of the citizen activity and correct separation.

What is now your priority, although the WINPOL project is finished?

Of course we will be continuing with the actions in the coming years. Our priority is the education and awareness rising of policy makers to establish policies and actions to increase waste reduction percentages.

More in the Action Plan for Gijón prepared by EMULSA.