While there are just a couple of weeks left before the official end of WINPOL, partners are sharing their feedback on the project, starting with Snaga in Maribor (Slovenia).

What made you decide to get involved in the WINPOL project?

We saw in the WINPOL project an opportunity to develop some actions for sustainable environment in waste management on our territory and decided to join the consortium.

Do you think you could have achieved the same results without participating in WINPOL?

Definitely not, the project helped us to present the actions to all involved stakeholders, who saw the potential in the project and gladly joined the cooperation.

What is, in your opinion, one of the biggest achievements of WINPOL?

With the changes made in the method of waste collection in underground collection points, we made better use of the designated area in the city center, established intelligent systems for monitoring the amount of waste and improved the appearance of the city.

Was it easy to involve local stakeholders in your activities and make them contribute to the Action Plan?

The stakeholders were happy to join us in this project. One of the stakeholders prepared a comparative analysis based on monitoring the fullness of underground containers with recording the number of entries against the monitoring with sensors. The results of this study represent a very important part of the action plan.

How would you describe the project in one or two words?

Waste improvement.