The drone market has been identified as a potential area of economic growth throughout Europe and beyond. However, drones can be seen negatively, both due to connotations with military use, public concerns around privacy and safety and regulatory limits that prevent a number of uses.

This creates a challenge – what, exactly, are the barriers to drone use for commercial and public purposes. Is it possible for drone technologies to create genuine societal, commercial and, potentially, environment benefit?


This brief is to give a close editorial picture of the drone market featuring prominent figures. Who are the key players, what do they do and what do they need? What limits drone growth? Are those limits reasonable, what needs to change, is change a good think? Who are the key players in the drone industry in your region? What do they need to thrive? What are policymakers’ positions on drones, and what does the public think of UAV technologies.

This brief is to give a local overview of the drone market in your region, identify the key issues both commercially and socially and get the key actors to identify core challenges and opportunities.

 Video review from Lancashire colleagues.