Osijek Centre for Technical Education as a very active RSG member held several workshops related to drone and UAS / UAV technologies, initiated by Aerial Uptake project. The workshops were organised during spring and summer holidays with the aim of enabling school children and youth to organise their free time in a creative way, as well as to promote the respective technologies within those age groups. We in Osijek strongly feel that the education is the foundation stone in unlashing the full potential of those technologies in near future in Osijek. We also feel it should start at an early age, with children as young as possible.

Osijek Centre for Technical Education organised the Schools of Drone Flying within their regular programmes called Spring / Summer in Centre for Technical Education (April 19 till 24; July 4 till September 2, 2022). These events included many different workshops ranging from computer and Arduino programming, (3D) modelling, robotics and other STEM disciplines to painting, illustration and sculpting. Two drone- / UAS (UAV) -related workshops organised within the spring and summer programmes were the School of Drone Flying for primary school children and Flying simulator by UAS / UAV for older primary school children (grades 4 through 8). Both workshop sin both periods were very popular with kids.

Additional Drone Flying School was held during their Summer Camp in Orahovica (June 27 – July 3, 2022), small town in the Slavonian hills, close to Osijek, at the Red Cross Education Centre with their own swimming pool, organising many different workshops during school holidays. Except for the Drone Flying School, Osijek Centre for Technical Education's summer camp included also the workshops of electronic measurings, radio orientation and communication, diving school and life-guard training on water, automatics, 3D pen, wood modelling, glider building. Drone Flying School and glider-building workshop ended with the contests, which were very attractive.

Thanks to very positive and the City of Osijek and Osijek Centre for Technical Education are determined to continue with these, or similar, courses and trainings, thus laying the ground for more advanced and prosperous future drone-technology development in Osijek.