The Alto Minho Intermunicipal Community (CIM Alto Minho) held two events this July within the scope of the project "BIGDATA 4RIVERS - Improving the water quality of European rivers through intelligent policies of water management "(BIGDATA 4RIVERS).

On Friday, July 9th, took place the 4th virtual meeting with the group of local stakeholders of the project BIGDATA 4RIVERS, to involve them in this project that aims to adopt smart water management measures. At this meeting the discussion was about the conclusion of the deliverable Joint Analytical Report (JAR), the results of the interregional learning and experience exchange activities that took place in Romania and France and it was communicated the next steps of the next semester's activities. The virtual meeting was completed with the collection of inputs from the Local Stakeholders Group.

On Tuesday, July 13th, took place the 2nd annual internal workshop, where the main conclusions and findings of the project so far were discussed within the staff of the organization not directly participating in the project activities.