In the framework of BIGDATA 4RIVERS project, the Regional Development Fund of Attica (RDFA) has implemented the action entitled: “Development of a pilot - research early warning system of flood in buffer zones”. 

The BIGDATA 4RIVERS good practice selected, namely “Managing the risk of flooding in the Orleans Canal”, is compatible and transferable to the policy instrument of the Region of Attica (RoA), as it contributes to the vision and objectives of RoA and serves the implementation of different EU policies (Water Framework Directive, Climate Change Strategy, Civil Protection).

During the second phase of BIGDATA 4RIVERS, a sequence of actions related to the implementation of the Action Plan (AP) tasks have been successfully executed:

- The intervention area for the application of the AP has been selected: the artificial retention lake of the City Park in the Municipality of Fylis. More specifically, the study area is the "Lake Euperidon" of the Municipal Unit of Ano Liosion. This area is located in the western foothills of Mount Parnitha and within the Kifisos river basin, a potentially high flood risk area. Within this area, a recreation centre which will include a combination of outdoor, semi-outdoor and indoor spaces is envisaged. This recreation centre will be arranged on the banks of the artificial lake occupying the centre of the City Park. Around the lake, the creation of spaces for administration, recreation, sports and a playground is planned (Government Gazette 223D/05-03-2004).

- The main players, the Region of Attica, the Municipality of Fylis and the Managing Authority of the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) of Attica 2014-2020, have been in constant communication to ensure a high coordination of the necessary steps to achieve the implementation of the AP.

- An unsuccessful search for the study of the artificial lake (which should have probably been updated to current standards and requirements) has been undertaken, while what is necessary for the study of the AP will be included in the current project elaboration.

- The Mayor of Fylis has signed his support and approval for the implementation of the AP in the specified area.

- As the current ROP period ends in December 2023, provision has been made for the necessary changes to the timeframe of the AP, as well as any subsequent adjustments.

- The proposal, including the interdisciplinary team of experts, the technical data/specifications and the schedule of implementation actions to be funded within the current Attica ROP funding period, for the funding of the AP by the Attica ROP Managing Authority 2014-2020, has been submitted (November-December 2022).

- This proposal has been accepted in February 2023 and integrated as the 4th subproject (pilot application) into the “Regional Plan for the Adaption to Climate Change (RPACC) of Attica” modifying its total cost, from 978.271,09€ to almost 1.400.000 €.

- The terms of the call for tender have been approved by both the Managing Authority of the Attica ROP 2014-2020 and the RoA Financial Services. The tender has been launched and the submitted bids have been evaluated.