Since the beginning of the second phase of BIGDATA 4RIVERS, the National Union of Romanian Entrepreneurs - NURE (Uniunea Nationala a Patronatului Roman), the Romanian project partner in this consortium, has been deeply involved to join all the necessary efforts and support the implementation of the Action Plan approved a year ago by the Management Authority of the Operational Program for Large Infrastructure (POIM). Convinced that local experience provides important knowledge to those who must make decisions, this action plan was designed.

The objective of the Local Advisory Group (WATERLAG) is to discuss efforts, incorporate local knowledge and, in the end, obtain consensus on the measures that should be taken to select and promote new and innovative projects for a better management of water resources. WATERLAG is a non-binding advisory working group that aims, from a global and local perspective, to recommend the best options to implement in certain territories in the field of smart water management. This group is integrated by representatives of local authorities, academic-scientists, businesses, and civil society representatives.

WATERLAG has been inspired by two good practices already implemented in Sweden and another implemented in France. A meeting took place on June 29 and the main point was the discussion and approval of the regulation of internal organization of the WATERLAG groups and the validation of the members to be part in this working group.

In addition to NURE representatives, this working session was attended by Mr. Andrei Chivu (POIM Management Authority Director), Mr. Gheorghe Constantin (Deputy General Manager from Ministry of Environment, Water and Forest) and Mr. Danu Aurelian (Romanian Water Association), the key players involved in this Action Plan.

According to the schedule of the established action plan, during the month of July the meetings for the implementation of the WATERLAG will be held, as well as training sessions on working procedures and the official validation and integration of the Local Advisory Group (WATERLAG) by POIM.