In the framework of BIGDATA 4RIVERS project, the Regional Development Fund of Attica (RDFA) on behalf of Region of Attica has developed the Action Plan entitled: “Development of a pilot - research early warning system of flood in buffer zones” for the artificial retention lake, “Lake Euperidon”, of the City Park in the Municipality of Fylis, inspired by the good practice “Managing the risk of flooding on the Orleans Canal” (owned by the Conseil Département du Loiret and located in Centre France).

Lake Euperidon is part of the antiflooding works of the extended area of the Regional Unit (RU) of Western Attica which also affects the RU of the Southern Sector of Athens, as when its waters overflows they reaches the sea through the “Euppiridon” pipeline to the stream of Eschatia and the river Kifisos.

The Action Plan of the Region of Attica serves the implementation of different EU policies (Water Framework Directive, Climate Change Strategy, Civil Protection) and it is progressing successfully: 

  • it has been integrated as the 4th subproject (pilot implementation) in the “Regional Plan for the Adaption to Climate Change of Attica”;
  • it has been included within the current funding period of the Attica Regional Operational Programme (ROP) by the Managing Authority of Attica ROP 2014-2020;
  • a call for tenders launched in April 2023 for the recruitment of an interdisciplinary team of experts for the implementation of the Action Plan.

The collaboration between the Region of Attica, Municipality of Fyli and the Managing Authority of Attica ROP has been firmly established.

On the 26 of July 2023, a meeting amongst the main stakeholders of the Action Plan:

  • the Regional Governor of Attica, George Patoulis,
  • the Deputy Regional Governor of Western Attica, Elefterios Kosmopoulos,
  • the Mayor of Fylis, Christos Pappous,
  • the Managing Authority of Attica’s ROP, represented by Aggelos Spiliotis,
  • the Deputy General Director for Sustainable Development and Climate Change, George Stratidakis and the Support Office of the Directorate General

took place at the Mayor’s Office.

The Regional Governor of Attica, stated that “as the consequences of the climate crisis are become visible, the search for innovative applications is imperative in order to protect cities and citizens”, while the Mayor of Fylis pointed out that the early warning system is a very important tool, which will make a decisive contribution to dealing with flood events.

On the 31 of July 2023, the Regional Governor, George Patoulis signed the contract, worth 409.944€ (VAT included), funding the project via through the Attica’s ROP. An interdisciplinary team of experts consisting of three hydraulic engineers, a hygro-geologist, a topographer and a computer expert, supported by two additional other experts with experience in the environmental impacts assessment of on in infrastructure and in the use of hydrological and hydraulic simulation models, has already started working in order to be deliver by the end of the year.