The meeting was organised by the BRESE project partner Slovak Business Agency on the 22nd of June 2022.

The participants had the opportunity to hear inspiring information from the field of Financing. Slovak Investment Holding and Sociálni Inovátori (Social Innovators) launched investment funds for the social economy. They presented a new tool aimed at investing in organizations with a positive social impact.

The representative of Banská Bystrica municipalities presented the support of social entrepreneurship in the Banská Bystrica region, in the context of the "Catching up Regions" program. It is an Integrated Support Centre that has the ambition to teach municipalities how to maintain social entrepreneurship in the region, actively offers services, and replaces expensive legal advice in the field of social entrepreneurship.

The Slovak Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family presented the National Competence Center for Social Innovations, in which, next to Slovakia, also Hungary, Bulgaria and Austria are involved.

The meeting of the main actors was the last official meeting within the BRESE project, the participants expressed interest in continuing the informal meetings in the future.

Great work!