On 3 December 2019, the Slovak Business Agency organized the first local Stakeholders meeting. The 22 participating local Stakeholders gathered to discuss "Opportunities for Cooperation in Supporting Social Entrepreneurship" and get to know the BRESE Project. The event was attended by policymakers, representatives of regional agencies, NGOs, academia, social investors and other representatives closely involved in the field of social Entrepreneurship. 

The participants had the opportunity to present themselves, their organization and explain their motivation of why they are involved in social entrepreneurship, what they want to achieve and how they are working on the subject. 

At the event the challenges of social entrepreneurship in Slovakia were presented and as well as the proposals of activities through which the BRESE project could respond to the identified challenges. 

One proposal of the Slovak Business Agency is to communicate more with the media on social entrepreneurship and to support young people in this field. At the same time,  SBA is working with the idea of developing social entrepreneurship in border regions where there is great potential for social enterprises.

Within the discussion the participants showed the need to address issues related to state aid and social enterprises, the application of social aspects in public procurement, and expressed their wish to also organize an international exchange program for young people. 

The meeting was organized at the social enterprise BIVIO, an association for people with developmental disabilities in the Slovak Republic.