The BRIDGES project was invited to the meeting Towards green transition in EU regions: case study East and North Finland, organised by the Regional Council of Lapland. The meeting is a two-day event, the agenda is available here. Two experts appointed by the EC’s Joint Research Centre (Claire NAUWELAERS and Richard HARDING) promoted the discussion, which was coordinated by the ELMO2 project.

During the session S3 high impact projects in Green Transition (26.4.2022), the BRIDGES project was invited and presented the TELI project case. The TELI project implemented Action 1 Lignin as emerging market in Kainuu, of the approved BRIDGES project Kainuu action plan ( The TELI project has been implemented and coordinated by the University of Oulu, Kajaani Unit. The purpose has been to explore the possibility of lignin as a glue and paint product, to replace current unsustainable products, to be utilised by the wood construction industry.

The presentation on 26.4.2022, made jointly by the University of Oulu, the ST1 enterprise for the production of forest industry side streams, and the Regional Council of Kainuu explained how from a good practice transfer, and following a systematic path, it has been possible to reach commercialisation and further diversification level: GP transfer (BRIDGES project PHASE 1) --> feasibility study (BRIDGES project Phase 1) --> EDP (BRIDGES project Phase 1) -->TRL 1 to 3 (national funds through the Regional Council of Kainuu) --> TRL 3 to 5 (Business Finland application) --> (a) TRL 5 to 9 (forthcoming) & (b) identification of wider range of products where lignin can be applied.  The process is mapped here.

 An essential question posed by the experts, during the meeting, focused on challenges that confronted the implementation of this process. All three presenters agreed that there was a need to visualise the whole process from the beginning and then to ensure con ctinuity of tailored funding options. The TELI presentation is available here