The BRIDGES project was invited by the Vidzeme Planning Region LV, organiser of the Baltic Sea States Sub-regional Cooperation - BSSSC, Innovation Transfer Working Group, Open Talk session on 30.11.2022, to disseminate a value chain mapping methodology.  BSSSC Open Talk sessions are regularly scheduled once per month.

The invitation was about discussing the value chain (VC) mapping methodology and an application example, both developed and tested during the 3rd period of the project (additional activities 1.10.2021 - 30.9.2022). During the 30.11.2022 Open Talk session the focus was on "Value Chains as Regional Development & Policy Tools".  The presentation had three parts: (i) introduction of  the BRIDGES project, the VC mapping  methodology and the way the  methodology is applied to identify competitive advantage and link to in- re- and near- shoring policy initiatives were explained; (ii) the experience of one BRIDGES region (Helsinki-Uusimaa) with the VC mapping and its results. In particular it was demonstrated how, through the VC mapping an updated concept for re-localising the textile industry in Helsinki-Uusimaa was reached; (iii) discussion.

The BRIDGES project was disseminated by partners PP2/LP Regional Council of Kainuu and PP4  Regional Council of Helsinki Uusimaa, through a joint presentation. The presentation is available here.

The BRIDGES project is warmly thanking the Vidzeme Planning Region and the BSSSC for giving the possibility to share and further exchange on the project results with Baltic Sea Region colleagues.