The BRIDGES project partner Regional Council of Helsinki-Uusimaa, PP4, selected to focus on renewable and recyclable textiles. It is an advanced, innovation-based domain, exploring circular economy, and part of the Helsinki-Uusimaa RIS3 strategy. It competitive advantage is in the advanced  research results and research infrastructures already located in the region, and the potential of the raw material inputs across the country, for example cellulose.

The present report maps the strengths (peaks), weaknesses/challenges (valleys) and collaboration options for renewable and recyclable textiles. The results of the value chain mapping that there is potential for re-locating textile production thanks to the direct access to research services and under the precondition of automation of the production process. This implies a faster transformation of the economy and the development of a new specialised industry. It indicates the possibility to focus innovation spending with a view to increasing returns to scale. This aligns the report to the innovation policy priorities of the Helsinki - Uusimaa Regional Council ( . 

PP4 looks forward to discussing further the findings of the mapping exercise with BRIDGES and BERRY+ partners during the forthcoming meeting on September 27th and 28th 2022.

Access to the value chain mapping report can be through the Regional Council of Helsinki - Uusimaa site .